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Do you have a favorite animal? If you do, Button has probably created a delightful version in a variety of colors and sizes. Do you love them all? Well … that’s pretty easy to accommodate too. We have a collection of animals from all over the world, as well as fantasy creatures from someplace in the universe! Mythical beasts? Yep … we’ve got ’em. Cuddly critters? Yep … we’ve got ’em. There is something for just about everyone to find a hand-made soft and warm best friend.

redbluestripes1Hand Knits by Oui Knit

Oui Knit is a small group of knitters in the local mountains. Their hand-knit socks are some of the finest available … some plain, some lace, some wool, some cotton, and some a combination of all of it! They do create a few other things, but mostly they knit socks that will make your feet some of the happiest feet on the planet! See what’s available right now!

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